Healthy Kinder programs

About Our Programs

Healthy Kinder programs are 90 minute sessions of nutrition education, physical fitness and mental health related activities offered as six week sessions or one day community events.
Children learn by doing and our activities are created so that children acquire hands on experience and have fun while learning.
Adults living with disabilities learn about health prevention and healthy habits through our visual and activity programs. 
Senior programs are designed to support all seniors with their health goals, considering challenges and changes associated with aging.  
All program activities are categorized into health, gardening, activity or community projects.
HEALTH ZONE:   In our health zone, children learn about important health topics like childhood obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression.  They learn about ways to prevent getting these diseases through making healthier food choices, limiting portion sizes and increasing physical activity levels.

In the activity zone, children participate in all forms of fitness indoor and outdoor games ranging from basketball to obstacle race activities. They also participate in various forms of arts and craft projects where we use colors and sounds of different types of projects to help children learn to reduce emotional stress and improve overall mental health.

GARDENING ZONE:  In the gardening zone, children learn about how to grow their own food, plant seeds and learn about the nutritional value of different fruits and vegetables. We believe in creating young entrepreneurs and use this opportunity to teach cost saving tips and budgeting.

COMMUNITY ZONE:   In the community zone, children have the opportunity to learn about sharing and strengthening team building skills. Here children participate in storytelling, teen talks about youth violence and bulling, teen pregnancy prevention and they hear from mentors in the community like doctors, lawyers and businessmen.

CHAW and NHAW programs are specially created health and wellness programs designed to meet the wellness and prevention needs of individuals living with disabilities.  These programs were created and piloted at Melwood, the largest adult day facility for disabled individuals in Upper Marlboro and Waldorf, Maryland and have successfully changed the lives of adults living with disabilities.
Senior programs are run through senior wellness centers and community sites where seniors learn about health related issues tied to the process of aging.